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Rural FASD is pleased to announce we are hosting Red Shoes Run in Montague Township on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

Red Shoes Run Family Day


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To find out how we actively support youth and adults impacted by FASD and their caregivers, please go to Programs.

My Journey Through Trauma, PTSD While Living With FASD

- Shelby, Survior

 I have not written in so long again, life has not been kind and I have been trying to look after myself. I have so much started for my blog, [...]

- Shelby, Survior

Have you ever been in a mixed-emotion mood or don't know what to do with the thoughts that are drowning your head that are unipositive and annoying? Well for me [...]

- Shelby, Survior

 So as Youth Accessibility Leader I get to hear about things, seminars, conferences, meetings, funding for projects all kinds of things. One of those things was with the Youth Policy and [...]

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