Rural FASD Support Network

Recipients of the 2024 Perth Polar Bear Plunge

Rural FASD Support Network is honoured to announce that we are the 2024 recipients of the 30th Annual Perth Polar Bear Plunge.


Programming & Training

To find out how we actively support youth and adults impacted by FASD and their caregivers, please go to Programs.

My Journey Through Trauma, PTSD While Living With FASD

- Shelby, Survior

 I have not written in so long again, life has not been kind and I have been trying to look after myself. I have so much started for my blog, [...]

- Shelby, Survior

Have you ever been in a mixed-emotion mood or don't know what to do with the thoughts that are drowning your head that are unipositive and annoying? Well for me [...]

- Shelby, Survior

 So as Youth Accessibility Leader I get to hear about things, seminars, conferences, meetings, funding for projects all kinds of things. One of those things was with the Youth Policy and [...]

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